MMF Transparant



Our repro department is specialized in elaborate the artwork and machine drawings, provided by you. With our years of film experience and database, we translate the design in consultation with you to printed film on reel. In addition to the lithography of the designs, we also keep storage and the print files up-to-date, such as film samples, colorproof, machine drawings and digital data. Through this way you always have the complete print data at your disposal.

Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure is a graphic printing technique where the design is graphed on a printing cylinder. MMF Transparant has 4 rotogravure presses and the ability to print up to 11 colors, with the possibility to print one color (like matt-lacquer) during the printing process on the other side of the film. Printing in rotogravure is possible in surface or sandwich printing.

Flexo Printing

Flexoprint is often shortened to Flexo. Flexo is a printing technique whereby a flexible printing plate is used. MMF Transparant has 12 (HD) Flexo presses and can print up to 11 colors and the possibility to print one color (like glossy-lacquer) during the process on the other side of the film. Printing in flexo is possible in surface or sandwich printing. Nowadays, we also provide HD-Flexo printing quality, which brings even more highlights to your designs.

Production processes

MMF Transparant has 12 duplex laminating machines and 4 triplex laminating machines, this can be solvent-free or solvent based. Furthermore we also have 18 slitting machines at our disposal. By applying (micro) laser perforation to our film, the shelf life of your fruit and vegetable products will increase significantly. (perforation sizes between 60my & 250my) Macro and Hot Needle perforation also belongs to the possibilities.

Quality Control

In order to prevent any packaging problems, our quality department ensures that all packaging materials are checked at all quality aspects such as roll winding, thickness, width, printing, min-tolerances, seal side, report length, laser perforation and anti-fog etc. We guarantee that your foil is running smoothly on your packaging line without any problems for optimum efficiency.

Warehouse & Distribution

Our warehouse in Haarlem has space for 600 pallets, where we manage your stock, so you don’t need to call off all the materials immediately. We provide a weekly overview of your current stock, so you don’t miss any materials when needed. We work exclusively with certified (HACCP / ISO) transport companies with a track & trace system. In most cases, everything called off before 12:00 h, will be delivered the next day.