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01 New project

The journey towards your final packaging

First meeting (customer wishes)

Second meeting (possibilities)

Select application

Best choice of producer

Best choice of structure

Sending quotation

Debriefing quotation

Agreed? Go to step 2

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02 test phase

The right film with the best machinability

Arrange sample reel

Archive sample sheets

Testing material on packaging line

Evaluate Quality

Shelflife test products

Test report archived

Agreed? Go to step 3

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03 Design Preparations
Bringing your idea to life

unprinted? Go to step 4

Receiving artwork from customer

Receiving machine drawings from customer

Receiving colorproof from customer

Determine minus-tolerance (thermoforming film)

Determine winding direction

Convert to fingerprint

PDF approval customer

Colorproof approval customer

Agreed? Go to step 4

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04 Material preparations

We take care of your packaging

Reserving raw materials

Transfer technical data to printer

Transfer artwork data to printer

Transfer machine drawing to printer

Transfer color proof to printer

Producing printing plates or cylinders

Material preparations Agreed? Go to step 5

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05 Print take-off

Achieve an excellent result

Unprinted? Go to step 6

Planning print take-off

Attend the first print take-off

Making eventual adjustments

Creating optimal results

Print take-off agreed? Go to step 6

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06 Quality control

An extra service of MMF

Goods acceptance in Haarlem

Checking material (thickness / width / seal properties etc.)

Checking print quality (design / printing tolerances etc.)

Checking overall quality (stacking / labels / cores etc.)

Checked samples archived

Quality agreed? Go to step 7

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07 Delivery and stock

Launching your product

We manage your stock

Monitoring forecast

Called off before 12:00h, delivered next day.

Certificated transport

Delivery agreed? Let’s go to the next project.

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