MMF Transparant

Thermoforming Topweb Film

The high-quality thermoforming films from MMF Transparent are qualified for all thermoforming machines. In our sector “the food processing industry”, products are often packaged under modified atmosphere, well known as MAP “Modified Atmosphere Packaging.” We use this to extend the shelf life of the product and maintain quality. Also, vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of products, by removing the oxygen. We would like to advise you the best structure for your product.

Flexible up to 18 layer co-extrusion films (28 till 200 micron)


  • High puncture resistance & transparency
  • Good seal properties (peelable available)
  • Sterilisation & Pasteurisation
  • Suitable for freezing


  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • SKIN Packaging
  • With EVOH Barrier
  • Reclosable
  • Flexo(HD) or Rotogravure printable up to 11 colors (incl mattlacquer)
  • Metalized
  • Anti-fog
  • Macro & Laserperforation
  • Paperlook & Feel


Cheese & Diary | Meat products | Fish products | Wild & Poultry | Bread & Pastry.